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3 Tips to Make Your Online Ads Stand Out

26 Apr 2019


The way people buy cars today is so different from before. The Internet has a lot of information for buyers to research before visiting a yard. This means they visit only 2 yards on average before buying a car. Your online advertising is now your most important salesperson. Have you adjusted your…

Massive Success with Facebook Marketplace Integration in EasyCars

26 Apr 2019


It’s official! Facebook Marketplace in EasyCars is a massive success since its Nov 2018 launch and has already become a game-changer for many.

Apart from connecting you directly to your prospects via Facebook Messenger through Marketplace, we’re giving you an additional bonus by offering our w…

Is Your Dealership Single Touch Payroll Ready?

10 Apr 2019

From 1 July 2019, all small businesses with under 20 employees will need to introduce single touch payroll (STP) when reporting payroll information to the ATO.

STP is a payment reporting arrangement where small businesses are required to send wages, tax and superannuation information to the ATO e…

How Google Reviews Can Bring More Business For Your Dealership

29 Mar 2019

Google Reviews for your Workshop

If you thought online reviews didn’t matter for your dealership, think again! Online reviews have never been more important as people now research the Internet before making any buying decision. Don’t believe us? The stats speak for themselves.

Why You Need Google Reviews

    • 90% of prospects re…


Sick of printing, scanning, filing and then later having to retrieve sales contracts? These costs are hard to justify without any real return.

But not anymore!

EasyCars Web now has digital signatures on Sales contracts to help you go paperless and give your dealership a more professional image.…


In some instances, you may need to remove a vehicle from your stock list without selling to a customer. This could be because the vehicle was accidentally placed in your stock list or it needs to be returned to the supplier for some reason. To return an unsold vehicle in EasyCars –

  1. Find the ve…


The Government Payments screen allows you to record registration, transfer fees, CTP, stamp duty and luxury car tax (LCT) as having been paid to the relevant government body. It also lists previous payments made for these government charges.


This only applies if the government charges col…

3 Internet Trends Changing The Way People Buy Cars Today

04 Mar 2019


Customers today use the Internet for almost everything – especially when searching for a product or service they intend to purchase. Here are some internet trends changing the way people buy cars today –

Online Research

Car dealership website

Today’s car buyer visits only 2 dealerships before buying a car. In compa…

3 Costly Mistakes Caravan Dealers Make Online... Do You?

26 Feb 2019


With 81% of buyers researching online before a purchase, an Internet presence has never been more important. We’re going to show you why you need to upgrade your overall internet presence to gain lots more sales –

#1 – “Thinking Professional Websites are Too Time Consuming And Expensive”

Caravan Website