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Sell More Caravans with Quick and Easy Online Ads

04 Feb 2019


We already know that 82% of smartphone users research online before a purchase – a trend expected to continue.

This makes it more important than ever before to revisit the way you advertise online, especially as you look to attract more caravan buyers to your dealership.

Apart from being featur…

Winning Over Today’s Caravan Buyer

23 Jan 2019


Australia’s love affair with the outdoors continues with domestic revenue reaching $4.5 billion and a whopping 679,378 registrations in 2018 alone, the caravan industry is certainly booming!

But selling isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Nearly 82% of smartphone users today consult the web…

EasyCars integration with Facebook Marketplace

09 Nov 2018

EasyCars Messenger

Anyone selling and buying goods in today’s digital world will know about Facebook Marketplace. For many it’s been a global game changer!

What Australians will not be aware of is Marketplace for motor dealers.

That’s all about to change and with vehicles being one of the most popular Marketplac…

Drive’s Extended Promotion to EasyCars Motor Dealers

18 Oct 2018

Drive Network Search

Free Unlimited Inventory & Leads EasyCars Clients Promo Offer

Why the Drive Network?

  • The Drive Network is now the second largest online automotive network in Australia (Unique Audience) with over 1.7million consumers per month.
  • They have produced more automotive content than any other aut…

Drive On Finance Offer

10 Oct 2018


We’ve partnered with specialist auto finance provider Drive On to integrate tools to help you attract, convert and generate income from auto finance.

We’ve removed all the hard work, so that all you have to do is concentrate on what you do best – buying and selling cars.

Drive On finance offer:…

3 Hot Lead Generating Tools for Your Dealer Website

24 Sep 2018

Ever heard of dealer websites that generate more leads than most popular advertisers?

Now you have! Jeal websites focus on generating more HOT leads than you can imagine.

Here’s how with our 3 lead generating tools:

Lead Generator #1 – Car Valuation!

Offer your website visitors a FREE & Inst…

Customer Story: How Metro Car Removal Took their Business to The Next Level

23 Aug 2018

Metro Car Removal Sydney

"There comes a point in every business where a need for change becomes necessary. As the business grows, the needs of the business change. Adapting to meet those needs is crucial, as failure to do so might lead to the business stagnating, with no room to grow. At Metro Car Removal, when we realise…

ASIC's ban on “Flex Commissions” creates havoc… or does it?

23 Aug 2018

Car Dealer Finance

Download ASIC Regulation Impact Statement

November 1st is the official compliance deadline for the new rules set by ASIC

It’s no secret that Australia is awful at financing vehicles at the time of purchase. Go Auto News just reported that Australia sits around the 20% conversion whilst the US an…

Glen's Quality Used Cars


Glenn’s Quality Cars is one of the most successful used car dealerships in Windsor and Sydney area. They have been in the car dealership business for over 20 years. When Glenn started his business, he wanted to do things differently. Having the experience of the family business, he u…