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Another Successful Story - BOTS Auto



"My business partner Jason and I started a new age car dealership in Queensland called BOTS Auto in 2017. We knew we needed a simple yet powerful Dealer Management System that we could access from anywhere on any device. We wanted it to help us manage our Government compliance, stock, and advertis…

Introducing CarSwap $1 Qualified Leads



CarSwap is an app-based automotive classified; with the largest, most engaging social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

With over 250,000 qualified leads to date and for only $1 per qualified lead, it's worth giving them a shot.

Save Money

  • CarSwap charges $1 per offer over 70…

Warning! Google’s Next Release Will Affect Your Website Ranking


Google’s Next Release

Google is moving towards a more secure web experience for all users, this push will require all website owners to set up an SSL Certificate on their website to protect sensitive information from being compromised.

From July, any websites that don’t have an SSL Certificate wil…

3 Hot Lead Generating Tools for Your Dealer Website


Ever heard of dealer websites that generate more leads than most popular advertisers?

Now you have! Jeal websites focus on generating more HOT leads than you can imagine.

Here’s how with our 3 lead generating tools:

Lead Generator #1 – Car Valuation!

Offer your website visitors a FREE & Inst…

Advertising Made Easy For You


Advertising for Motor Dealers Made Easy

Are you struggling to find and bring more buyers to your yard? Our EasyAd software not only gives you the flexibility and control of your advertising, but we have partnered with some of the biggest online advertisers in the motor industry. Here’s a list of just a few of the advertisers that want t…

How Car History Can Give You More Sales


Car Dealer Car History Report

Every Websites Made Easy website can get a Car History Report feature installed to be used by customers directly on your dealer website. One of the biggest concerns that buyers have with purchasing is the true history of a vehicle. Provide peace of mind to your new customers and utilise this featu…

EasyCars Happy Customer!

Happy Customers 20/06/2018

Oldtimer Centre

Oldtimer Centre

“Hi guys, I’m sure you get a load of calls or emails with issues as we all do in business.

This email is the exact opposite.

I can’t begin to tell you how impressed and happy we are with the new version of the software. It’s very good and is making life a lot easier around the place…

Website Videos – Future of the Automotive Industry


Add Videos to Your Dealership Site

Without a doubt, technology is changing the way we connect with our consumers. Videos are a clever marketing tactic and an impressive way to communicate your business’ vision, advertise and engage with your customers on another level.

Why Should I have A Video?

A study of Australian social medi…

Glenn’s Quality Cars – An Inspiring Success Story

Customer Stories 20/06/2018

Glen's Quality Used Cars


Glenn’s Quality Cars is one of the most successful used car dealerships in Windsor and Sydney area. They have been in the car dealership business for over 20 years. When Glenn started his business, he wanted to do things differently. Having the experience of the family business, he und…

6 Car Dealer Mistakes To Avoid


6 Car Dealer Mistakes To Avoid

Running a car dealership is no child’s play. Competition is extremely tough in this digital age. Couple that with the crucial task of maintaining customer trust and increasing sales and you have a real task on your hands. Here are the six commonly made mistakes that you can avoid to make your life…

A Comprehensive Guide To Establishing Trust And Winning Over Customers


Establishing Trust And Winning Over Customers

Aussies Love their cars. Not only is it one of the largest investments they make, they are proud of the cars they drive. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. It’s very important that visitors feel safe buying from you especially now that they have so many choices online.

Convert webs…

NSW Motor Dealer Advertisement Requirements


Are you displaying your licenced business name and number on your promotional materials?

All motor dealers are required to display their licenced dealer name and dealer licence number, in any form of promotional materials that display their business address i.e. Website, Business Cards, Fliers, TV …

Drive’s Extended Promotion to EasyCar Motor Dealers


Drive Network Search

Free Unlimited Inventory & Leads Easy Cars Clients Promo Offer

Why the Drive Network?

  • The Drive Network is now the second largest online automotive network in Australia (Unique Audience) with over 1.7million consumers per month.
  • They have produced more automotive content than any other au…

Penrith Car Sales…. A Success Story

Customer Stories 20/06/2018

Penrith Car Sales Success Story

In the beginning

A few years ago, Brett from Penrith car sales didn’t have a yard at all. Today, Brett has earned his bragging rights from his two very successful used car dealerships in Western Sydney. Brett came to us many years ago in need of a dealer management system that would give him the to…

Drive Network Free Advertising Offer


The all new Drive Network would like to offer all EasyCars subscribing dealers a free trial to advertise all your used cars across their network – drive.com.au & themotorreport.com.au.

The Drive Network now reaches over 1.6 million car buyers per month. The offer will allow you to advertise you…

FREE Digital Marketing Training for Car Dealers


Join us for our FREE digital marketing training designed for Car Dealers.

Learn how you can generate leads using Social Media, SEO, AdWords, YouTube and more.

Seats are limited, so save yours now. First in first served! Save me a seat!

Click to enlarge! Digital Marketing Training for Car Dealers

Or for more information please email to i…

Advertise Your Vehicles for Free


Used Car Hunter

Advertise your vehicles to Used Car Hunter for FREE. Please read below for more information.

Used Car Hunter

Optimise Your Photos for the Best Quality Image


Ensure your camera settings are set to Aspect 4:3

Great quality photos are one of the most important points when trying to list your vehicles on advertising sites.

There are few main points to ensure you get the best quality photo – Use either the EasyPhoto app on your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phone or a Samsung digital camera with the Android ope…

Schedule Your Advertising and Use Your Time to Sell Cars!


Schedule Your Advertising and Use Your Time to Sell Cars!

The new EasyCars allows you to schedule your advertising in a few simple clicks. You can select the days and times that you want to upload your stock and photos to selected advertisers.

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Advertising’
  • Select the advertiser you want to schedule uploads for and click ‘Con…

Convert 98% Of Your Website Enquiries


Do You Convert 98% Of Your Website Enquiries?


“Dear Julie,
Just wanted to say thank you for insisting I use Full Car History reports as lead generators on my website.
I get 98% success rate on every Car History enquiry.
The only time I don’t get the sale is if the car has already been sold.
Great job Jeal!