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A majority of the caravan sale is done online before a buyer steps into your dealership. They research makes and models online because it is a far more efficient way to decide what they want and need. Advertiser sites, dealer websites, Facebook reviews and Google reviews play a massive role in he…


Do you still use paper-based sales contracts and compliance forms for your truck dealership? Do you file paperwork in a storage cabinet? Have you ever lost a government compliance form? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, read on. These dealership paperwork costs may surprise you. S…

5 Effective Tips to Advertise your Vehicle Online

28 Aug 2019


By the time the buyer is ready to view the vehicle in a dealership, the selection process is almost complete. Buyers research makes, models and price first. Once they have a few vehicles on their list, they will check out the seller to ensure they are trustworthy and provide good service. Google …

sellbuyauto Free Dealership Promotion

08 Aug 2019


Sellbuyauto.com.au is a exciting new advertiser on your EasyCars advertiser list and its FREE until December. Don’t waste the FREE time … list your vehicles now.

When you support new advertisers, it puts pressure on existing advertisers to keep their prices down and when it's free you have nothi…

Why you need to protect your dealership data from genuine threats...

25 Jul 2019

Secure Dealer Management System


Small businesses often assume that only large organisations are at risk of data leaks and cyber-attacks. But data breaches can threaten businesses of any size, including your dealership. Read on to learn a little more about dealership data security.

Know the risks to your dealership

Whether y…

Earn 50% of your finance deals without lifting a finger

08 Jul 2019

EasyCars Dealers Finance made easy

For the last year, finance has been the hottest topic in the industry. With the Royal Commission now banning flex commissions, profits have fallen and brokers have moved to alternate careers.  

But while some see gloom and doom, we see a huge opportunity for EasyCars dealers to make even more mon…

5 Tips To Turn An Online Lead Into A Sale

23 May 2019

5 Tips To Turn An OnlineLead Into A Sale

92% of car buyers research online before buying. You need to turn these online leads into sales for your dealership.

Respond Quickly to Customer Queries Online

Respond Quickly to Customer Queries Online

Car buyers may use the Internet to contact different dealerships as part of their research. You must be able to address th…

EasyCars Offers Exclusive Live Training Webinar with Ian Parker

07 May 2019

Free Live Webinar with Ian Parker

Ian Parker

Date: Monday 20th May 2019
Time: 10am AEST
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A


EasyCars has invited internationally renowned motor industry expert, Ian Parker, to deliver a live training webinar on selling cars in today’s online world. 

As your partner, …

Lead Management Module

26 Apr 2019


The Lead Management module allows you to automatically receive—or manually create—new leads. These leads can come from sources like online ad websites, walk-in/phone/email customers, or Facebook. EasyCars allows you top manage these leads in one central location. You can –

  • Track and update a n…